Heeding the call of the Dutch Embassy, HEVCO SAS traveled in the mision of Water and Waste of Colombia of the 13 to 21 of June 2015, with the objective of know in detail the format under which the State, the productive sector and the Dutch citizens managed all the services (water, energy and obviously sanitation) each in their links and derivatives.
This enriching experience we allowed learn a scheme 100% conceived as public service and therefore directed since of State, with successful results to the people, result of agreements between sectors, that is integral and systemic, and that also demonstrate high commitment with the innovation. This scheme, very different the Colombian, provides measurable experience that surely the public officials that they joined us in the travel will exhibited in their respective entities they even appreciate the difference.
In this mission they joined us representatives of the governmental entities and of public companies as ACODAL, AMB, Aguas del Magdalena, EPM, Finder, La Gobernación de Cundinamarca, la CRA, el DNP.

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